Dear All Terrain Buggy Makers,

  Dear All Terrain Buggy Makers, I wish to take this opportunity to add some more ideas to my previous letter. Having now used the buggy for 8 weeks, I feel that you could create an all new buggy suited for those in agriculture, game keeping, crofting and landscaping, etc. 1. Due to a mini crofter who doesn’t like being stationary, why not add a self generated energy system. We have enough wind turbines in our country, let’s look at new ways. 2. I have noticed that baby chairs often have a button for vibration. Why not add the option … Continue reading Dear All Terrain Buggy Makers,

Dear ‘All terrain’ buggy manufacturer,

Dear ‘All terrain’ buggy manufacturer, When you sell a product as ‘all terrain’, I am intrigued to know what image you have in your heads. I would be more than happy to have any manufacturer of all terrain buggies come spend a day with me or any woman in agriculture. However, as it may be a bit more muddy than you might expect and I might be chasing pregnant cows, here are some tweaks that would be useful. These include: Two hooks on the handle bar to hang buckets or shepherd’s crook. Space between hand bar and canopy to place … Continue reading Dear ‘All terrain’ buggy manufacturer,