Pheasant shoots

Dear Political leaders, I realise there is current debate about fox hunting. Let me enlighten you to another vermin: pheasants and a need for a change in the law. The current situation is that I can only shoot pheasants during their shooting season. Today, I have had five pheasants on this years potato patch. Last year we lost about 80% of our potato and turnip fields to pheasants. To help you understand the situation let me turn it slightly: I propose that all crofters take up the hobby of rat catching. We will all travel to London, Edinburgh and other … Continue reading Pheasant shoots

As the crow flies

  Note from Crofting Wifie to self: Loo lids are manufactured by people who don’t realise you need to stand on them to take pot shots at the local jackdaw population stealing eggs from your chicken coop. They therefore don’t last very long after just a few attempts of getting the pests. Tim, just another job to add to your to do list when you get home (putting on a new lid, unless you want some romantic bonding shooting jackdaws together). The next time we design a house, can we put in those thin slots that they have in castles … Continue reading As the crow flies