Tough mudder

This morning while having finished giving the mini crofter his breakfast and I was about to try and polish off the rest of my cold toast I noticed, beyond the byre, something was different…Binoculars out and behold, the ring feeder was up ended. Having just put a new bale out less than 24 hours earlier I was desperate to save as much hay as possible before the cows embarked on using it for exfoliating their hooves. Cue: bundle mini crofter into buggy, pull on wellies, and off we go. What greeted us was a set up by the organisers of … Continue reading Tough mudder

The croft must go on.

Knowing that I have to manage the croft on my own while Tim is at work means we have slowly set it up to be as manageable as possible for one pair of hands (albeit, a pair of hands and a mini crofter now in tow). This is fine until the sickness bug hits! When you want the bed to drop anchor as you feel the rough seas tossing you about. When you wish the grass was as green as you. And you realise the mini crofter will be awake in only a few hours.  The impending doom of dawn awaits… … Continue reading The croft must go on.

‘All terrain’? What’s in a name?

If Polaris could make buggies, as in baby buggies, not golfing buggies, I would be more than willing to test it for them. It may be a niche market but I think there are enough babies in agriculture who would benefit. And yes, I nicked the picture from a family photo. Why? It has cows, that’s why. And, they’re a good quality bunch down there (the relatives with the business that is, I have no idea about the cows). So, want a Polaris? Just go visit them at Facebook: Wm WM Rose & Sons Ltd or Continue reading ‘All terrain’? What’s in a name?