Renoir’s serenade

What do you wanna make those eyes at me for? If they don’t mean what they say. They give me unease, they make me freeze. They make me wish that I could just run for the trees. You’re fooling around with me now. Well you jump about and then you run away. Well that’s not alright, you’re giving a bit of a fright. So Renoir you’ll find, I’ll leave you alone tonight. Why don’t you wanna go back in now? ‘Cause if you don’t, I’ll need help.   All you need to create new words for songs is a bull … Continue reading Renoir’s serenade

The snow stampede

For three days the croft has been in that ‘oh so magical until you need to work in it’ setting. The snow came Wednesday night and has decided to take up residence. No problem, most things are set up for ensuring all animals can get food and shelter. For the calves wintering outdoors, their ring feeder is still filled with the majority of the original large bale of hay. However, it is a useful tie to give them a bit extra and get them use people. As I filled up the buckets (yes, the same recycled energy buckets that are … Continue reading The snow stampede

Bandits in the byre

SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) obviously feels it is of high importance to notify me 6 times about an up coming power cut. This is after a proposed power cut last week which I only received 4 letters for and never happened. Should I wonder why they think I need to be told so much? Or do they think I may never receive some of them? Do they think the steers will hijack the postie on the way past the byre? The cows are good at acting like bandits (think NY gangster style) if they think you have food. Recycled … Continue reading Bandits in the byre

Taking a heifer by the horns…

Hesca, you hairy heifer of a baffoon! OK, all I did was open the byre door to turf in 3 small bales. That doesn’t mean just because you were right on the other side you have the entitlement to exit byre and do a hay taste test before the others get it. Yes, this luxury of you wintering in doors is new to both of us but really? And, between you and the outside world, was me and then the hay. So, had little to fear of you going off gallivanting. However, on my part was a Princess Bride attitude … Continue reading Taking a heifer by the horns…

41 days until…

These are not just any cows, these are Shetlands who can get their fodder by fairy lights. OK, the fairy lights were put up for a BBQ in the byre to celebrate the mini crofter’s baptism. And why take them down? Got enough work to be doing and as the nights draw in, it’s nice for once not to need a head torch for every event outside.  Even if the cows show no interest in their luxury, I like them. And besides, that should mean I don’t need to put up any more lights this year…I wonder if the cows … Continue reading 41 days until…

Log ’em up, move ’em out

After Tim brought down a trailer full of logs from one of our fallen trees, he asked for a hand in getting them into the wood shed. Nae bother, until it’s time for the mini crofter to be up from his nap. Discussion on who does what job, he takes the mini crofter, I take splitting wood (yes, really, I like my outdoors). Then the ‘shower’ started. Soon it turned to become sheets of rain and a sharp wind. Well, you get warmed twice by the wood at least. But, it does take some skill. Skill? What skill? Ah, the … Continue reading Log ’em up, move ’em out

Bales and buggies

As the cows have been munching quite quickly through their hay, I realised they would need a new bale before the Crofter came home. Come in ‘wee bales’. Aye, not the big, round bales where you feel like you are dislocating your shoulder, giving yourself a hernia and with all your might trying to negotiate rolling them between the 1958 tractor and the coal bunker of cow nuts (and that’s just to get the round bales out of the shed) so you can get the pregnant tractor with the front loader to come pick them up and drop them in … Continue reading Bales and buggies