Christmas trees and tinsel (and their crofting equivalents)

While the festive season comes to a close, the tune ‘O Christmas Tree’  comes to mind while gazing at the back of our pick-up. Although our ‘plastic’ tree is red and decorated with green ratchet straps rather than tinsel, I can say ours came about as of necessity and not any cultural pressure. A wee trip into church today turned into a white knuckle ride on the first mile and a half to reach the council road as control of the vehicle was lost at two points as it slid towards the ditch (don’t think little gutter at the side … Continue reading Christmas trees and tinsel (and their crofting equivalents)

Crofting Tiger Mum

Thought Tiger Mums were over ambitious? Just wait till you meet the Crofting Mum, similar but not in the same category as the aspiring Beethoven/Genius type. That’s right, it’s December and Mini Crofter has been put into a t-shirt to help toughen him up for the Crofter coming home and turning off the heat. While he shows potential in bouldering and climbing overhangs from the age of 10 months, his mother puts down no crash mats (life can be painful boy, learn it young) and makes him do it in tights (hey, if you’re the next Billy Elliot you’ll need … Continue reading Crofting Tiger Mum


While other people wrap up presents at this time of year, what am I wrapping? A Massey Ferguson 565! Not because it’s a present but to make sure the cold weather tonight doesn’t damage the engine!?! Oh why was the coolant not checked…??? On a side note, it’s very hard wrapping tractors with a 10 month old in a sling. Just in case that info was of use to the average Josie Bloggs…Good to learn from your own crofting mistakes. Better yet to learn from other crofters. Continue reading Wrapping

Working in a winter wonderland

As the gentle flakes begin to fall, the mini crofter snoozing quietly on the decking, the gentle mooing from the byre, the rising smoke on a cold morning…and with the black smoke from the tractor comes the smell of burning rubber as I jump ship before getting and hay to the cows. So the tractor is abandoned to look all Christmassy in the snow. The thought of heaving wee bales isn’t so bad compared to sitting in a smoking tractor (hopefully it is just a fever and not a cardiac arrest in motor terms). Being a crofting wifie means being … Continue reading Working in a winter wonderland


Has the Crofting Wifie turned into the Really Hardy Wifie or was today’s storm scaled down to ‘a wee breeze from the West with a dusting of snow’? After looking at several weather forecasts I was prepared for power cuts and saying goodbye to anything I had not fastened down. Well, maybe not goodbye, but a ‘we shall meet again’ as it usually ends up down at our closest neighbours… So while the storm that has been named meandered about and the mini crofter took his usual nap outside (no ratchet straps required today for the buggy), I decided to … Continue reading Storms


Today’s task: moving the calves water trough. Situation: after a week of snow, the ground is now mud. Poached is the proper word, but i wouldn’t put an egg in it that’s for sure. Lessons learned: It’s a lot heavier than I remember. It does a good job flattening poached mud. Why can they not put water skis on the bottom? Continue reading Poached