Working in a winter wonderland

As the gentle flakes begin to fall, the mini crofter snoozing quietly on the decking, the gentle mooing from the byre, the rising smoke on a cold morning…and with the black smoke from the tractor comes the smell of burning rubber as I jump ship before getting and hay to the cows.

So the tractor is abandoned to look all Christmassy in the snow. The thought of heaving wee bales isn’t so bad compared to sitting in a smoking tractor (hopefully it is just a fever and not a cardiac arrest in motor terms).

Being a crofting wifie means being an expert in many things. Basics in tractors yes, smoking tractors no, I leave that job to the Crofter. Three days till he is due home. It’s going to be a long three days. Until then it will be tossing wee bales.

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