Dancing by the light of the moon…

One basic task: give a bale of straw and hay to the cows in the byre. Add some entertainment: work three longer days while mother-in-law babysits Mini Crofter while the Crofter is away. Result: The tractor and I out doing a jig by moonlight (buffalo gal I am not but the tractor’s quite good with making my knees knock and toes rock (more from nerves of tipping it then any Strictly Come Dancing potential). No, I do not have holes in my stocking. Yes, it was a clear sky with a bright moon that I was able to use as … Continue reading Dancing by the light of the moon…

Mole catching

After spending another ‘nap time’ (the Mini Crofter’s, not mine) out with mole traps, how else do I spend the Friday evening but swotting up on blogs and websites by mole experts. Two days ago I retrieved all our traps from the hay field and moved them up nearer the house. Wednesday’s job had been with the chain harrows flattening the mounds in the top field before seeing where to place the traps. And yes, I am sure I’ll get asked about why I could be so cruel catching moles. However, the implications of moles in the past on the … Continue reading Mole catching

The Goat House

Well, this shed was used by various animals in multiple locations. It came to us having already served a purpose. Sadly the wind last week became a wee bit too much and pushed it over the edge. The pink interior and external flowers that creasote couldn’t even cover will be missed as a refuge by all flocks and herds. It was a rough way to go but bright hope for a bonfire…   And for all those wondering, no it never housed goats. We needed clarity in regards to The Shed…as in: The Green Shed, The Cow Shed, The Potting … Continue reading The Goat House

Reed reduction and stress management

The past two days have been filled with flail mowing and brush cutting. This is for two reasons. One, we have a problem with reeds that we have mounted war with. The battles have been long and slow, often with set backs but the opportunity arose to hit while the enemy would be weak. A cold, hard frost arrived on a day I had off and Tim was home which meant the ability to take out the trusty Dexta for a spin without pouching the ground, cutting the reeds when they will hopefully be further hit by the cold weather. … Continue reading Reed reduction and stress management

Edinburgh delivery and beef for the unromantics.

There will be an Edinburgh delivery available tomorrow if anyone is interested in ordering beef or eggs. Please be in touch by 8am tomorrow (Tuesday 13th February) if you wish to place an order. Some of our beef are looking for their forever homes, can you provide it? It may well be a week where consumerism is pushing steaks for two but why follow that path? Buy two packets and get your friends round. Or why not order some diced and make a delicious Steak and Ale pie for six? Busy but need to feed a family? Go for a … Continue reading Edinburgh delivery and beef for the unromantics.

Ring fencing the ring feeder

Having cold weather is nothing new. Discovering that the weather had been cold enough in January to freeze the ring feeder to the ground meant that the usual weight lifting excercises didn’t work (picture attempting to push up the top bar at each gap while looking like a wannabe weight lifter at the gym). I have in the past only once had the ring feeder freeze to the round and been unable to manually unstick it even after several ‘rounds’ of it. However, on that occasion I had the wee dexta so attached a ratchet strap between the two to … Continue reading Ring fencing the ring feeder