All about the beef

Well, no, it’s not all about the beef, although that is our main croft income. We do have lamb, although I prefer hogget (1-2 year old sheep so better flavour), occasionally pigs, and every so often chicken when they have reached that time in their life when suited for the slow cooker. Meat is not the only thing, there is a vegetable garden, raised beds, a small orchard and a soft fruit area. Last year while having my year long sabbatical I was able to do a lot more in the vegetable garden. In the past I left it to … Continue reading All about the beef

Chunky the sheep-sheep

Many will have heard of ‘The Sheep-pig’. I first came across it at Ninelands Lane Junior school, where I was brought up, when it was read to the class by our teacher Mrs Bracewell. It has been read multiple times since although not recently as it hasn’t been necessary. Why? Because I have a working ‘sheep-pig’ too, only ours is a ‘sheep-sheep’. Chunky is a cheviot wedded. He was destined for the pot early on. But, Chunky was a fast learner and quick to realise a whistle meant a bucket, a bucket meant food, and no need to fear the … Continue reading Chunky the sheep-sheep

Feasts for the beasts.

As the weather called for outside work (really, when does it not), I spent a little time with our Mini Beasts. The Three Stooges of the calving world. As they reach their first birthdays and the new calves will hopefully be arriving on the croft, handling them as much as possible moves higher up the priority list. Mini beasts growing to big beasts that are high strung are not high on my ‘ohh, what will I do today? I’ll go cozy up with a wild cow, I will’ list.  Having the handling facility makes it so much easier and gets … Continue reading Feasts for the beasts.

Snow from the sky.

Beast from the East? No, it’s called snow from the sky. Sorry to freeze your spirits, this isn’t Hollywood and winter doesn’t need to sound like Armageddon and a blockbuster horror movie. Yes, snow can be pants (believe me, I know), but I really don’t need the weather named. Did you get Snowflake Stanly today? How’s Cloud Colin affected you? Sunshine Susan looking good? How’s Windy Wilma, Breezy Barry, and Gusty Gus where you are? Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgemental. But it does seem if weather hits some people they can name it, moan and tell us it’s horrendous … Continue reading Snow from the sky.

Delivery dudes and directionless combo.

East Coast Viners, a company that supply animal feed. Oh how they have just reached the top of the ’worst deliveries ever’ in my list (as it was one of their own dudes and not contracted out before anyone starts sticking up for them). Was the delivery supposed to be yesterday? Yes, but they called Wednesday to say they had no forklift deliveries in my area. Were they supposed to give 2 hours notice? Yes, but never happened. Did anyone call? Yes, but never left a message. Did ECV’s leave a message? Yes, and I got back to them in … Continue reading Delivery dudes and directionless combo.

Wind in the willows

Well, maybe not wind in the willows but willows to help keep the wind down. Aye, 50 in total, all along the orchard (don’t think older trees laden with fruit but gawky, teenage fruit trees that are still trying to figure out their lot in life). Fruit trees that get hammered by the wind whistling off the hills (aka mountains but having been to   Switzerland I’d call them hills although they are just a tad bit bigger than your hills in Norfolk…). So, several year ago a few willow and hazel got planted along the wind pervailing side to … Continue reading Wind in the willows