Feasts for the beasts.

As the weather called for outside work (really, when does it not), I spent a little time with our Mini Beasts. The Three Stooges of the calving world. As they reach their first birthdays and the new calves will hopefully be arriving on the croft, handling them as much as possible moves higher up the priority list. Mini beasts growing to big beasts that are high strung are not high on my ‘ohh, what will I do today? I’ll go cozy up with a wild cow, I will’ list.  Having the handling facility makes it so much easier and gets … Continue reading Feasts for the beasts.

Snow from the sky.

Beast from the East? No, it’s called snow from the sky. Sorry to freeze your spirits, this isn’t Hollywood and winter doesn’t need to sound like Armageddon and a blockbuster horror movie. Yes, snow can be pants (believe me, I know), but I really don’t need the weather named. Did you get Snowflake Stanly today? How’s Cloud Colin affected you? Sunshine Susan looking good? How’s Windy Wilma, Breezy Barry, and Gusty Gus where you are? Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgemental. But it does seem if weather hits some people they can name it, moan and tell us it’s horrendous … Continue reading Snow from the sky.