Ladies who will be lunch.

Yes, our three newest additions to the croft have arrived: Wilma, Julia and Marcia. They have got quite an undertaking of land that I wish for them to dig up for me over the summer but they have made a fair impressive on their arrival. Introductions with last year’s calves required no formal process…although they looked more suited for a ‘touch, pause, engage’ rugby scrum between the nearly all blacks and the nearly all blacks…best behaviour by both parties though.

Poly and Barbie Party

What: Poly and Barbie Party.

When: Thursday 19th April, 1pm

Where: Ours…if you need directions, let me know.

Why: The weather is set to be tropical and the plastic cover needs to be put up over the polytunnel frame in +15 degrees C, which happens rarely for us so we have one day this year to complete the job and this is no small frame…

Who: Everyone, no gardening experience or qualifications such as having a B & Q card required. Just the ability to lend a hand.

What, just work? No, the BBQ will be planned from 5pm so families with younger kids can come too (not everyone has to help).

Whay-hay: You’ve got the day free so can come? Great, let me know so I can plan food quantities. If we get enough volunteers we’ll plan on the spit roaster being back in action (apologies to all vegetarians regarding the spit roaster but hey, come and help us to be able to grow more than just tatties and turnips!)