No sitting bull here!

For once, the excitement on the croft happened while I was away…Tim did still have his mum to watch the Mini-Crofter so I don’t feel he got the full adrenaline/stress effect, but hey, every episode counts…Yes, Renoir decided that his romance life was pants and wee Hilda, with her glossy sheen, bright eyes, and situated in the green, green grass, needed him to scale the gate and rescue her. However, his misjudgement of the length of his legs and the size of the gate meant if it had been me, I would have phoned a friend! As it was, Tim … Continue reading No sitting bull here!

What a difference a day makes.

Here’s the Crofting version of the commentary style of the TV programme ‘Big Brother’: Monday, 12.25: iCalf 2 born to Dryope while the Crofter’s home. On its feet within 11 mins. All is calm on the croft. Tue: iCalf 2 is running round the byre and feeding on its mother. Mother cow’s not happy for getting shut in the byre while the rest chomp through the lushest grass but she’s not bellowing enough to get an ASBO. Wednesday, 8am: Crofter leaves for the day to work in Invergorden… 8.43 am: Calf is found flat out in the straw arching his … Continue reading What a difference a day makes.

Fearghus’ finale

May the grass rise up to give you food, May the wind keep pesky flies away, May the sun shine warm for one week in summer to let us make hay for you for an entire winter (just a small request Lord), May the rain fall gently on your rump, May the trailer greet you carefree with open doors, And then we shall meet again… Yes, it was that time last week, a family occasion to see another one of the herd leave the steering group. Fearghus went off the croft in one form and will be back in about 21 … Continue reading Fearghus’ finale

iCalf 2

iCalf 2 was born today while the Crofter was home. Typical that the most placid cow does it when there are two of us about and you can watch the event from the kitchen window. No, we have not named either calf yet but this is the year for names beginning with ‘I’; usually Scottish based, iMacCoo doesn’t count. Unless of course the jokes can continue with iRump, iSteer Pro, and iGrill. Today’s calf came with the first rain we have had in ages (really, the river is low, the IBC tank for the chickens is completely empty and daily … Continue reading iCalf 2

Rolling Stones

Always reassuring when the Crofter comes into the house to tell me “Well, at least the chicken coop isn’t demolished!”. Yes, to be fair, the Crofter does work and today’s job has been to remove ‘a few bumps’ from the top field. All well and good but the term ‘tip of the iceburg’ comes to mind. Just small stones, until you start digging and hence a machine digger was used. And after three were placed in the tipping trailer, two were too big and had to be rolled. One being pretty flat sided so needing nudging all the way; the other, … Continue reading Rolling Stones

Wild thing!

Wild thing…makes my heart sink! Breena, you over-hormonal cow who gave birth to the first of our calves this year, caused my stress level to hit jackpot. One charging beast and I quickly left the byre! Mini Crofter was dropped off at our lovely neighbours who had to make out what I was asking for while in tears (laugh if you want but don’t come running to me if you get charged by a hormonal cow post calving while on your own with a toddler bawling his head off while watching…he can get his counselling once he’s older, I was … Continue reading Wild thing!