Local Heroes

Over the past few months, two local farmers have come and helped us out in two different circumstances. Both never indicated how much of their time was taken away from their own jobs, both offering their time and knowledge which was great for getting a job done and also for finding out little, gleaned gems of info. Murdo was the man first up back when our cattle food (on a pallet, don’t be thinking a Tesco’s delivery) got delivered to an estate several miles away. I faced the challenge of having to go and load 25kg sacks onto our trailer … Continue reading Local Heroes

Dinner Party Guest List

A while back I was asked the question of ‘who would you invite for dinner if you could invite anyone?’ Not a question I had previously thought about. However, when you compared my answer to the others I realised I live in a parallel universe to normal people. Why? The four names I listed are all people in agriculture, ones that I have met but would love to chat more to. The names that the others listed were mostly people I had never heard of (such as musicians, authors, people on TV), or the one I did recognise, David Attenborough. … Continue reading Dinner Party Guest List

Genny from the block.

Meet Genny the generator. Normally the two of us get on fine knowing that she’s there if I need her. When seven letters and a phone message arrive from SSE to say we will have a power cut all day yesterday until 5.30pm, Genny isn’t even in the picture. Forward 10 hours of no power and the water is no more. Yes, as much as we have our own water supply, wood boiler, and solar panels; when the power’s off, nothing runs. Water is used sparingly from the tap and several pans are filled up beforehand to prepare for it. … Continue reading Genny from the block.

Do you see what I see?

Not a drummer boy, but a milking cow with no locking barrier. And, as I had promised Dryope that she would get grass as soon as she let Tilly on herself, she got her reward today. OK, it’s not in the massive field with the rest of them but in a fenced off area that I can just check up on them (think of going from ITU/HDU in a hospital to a ward before they would discharge you). Surprisingly, it took a wee bit of coaxing to get Tilly out of the byre. Culture shock maybe? Do Shetland cows speak … Continue reading Do you see what I see?

Attila the Hun…

No, wait, the name on the tag was that of her mother and ‘H’ was just for heifer. However, by the time I had those details from her original owner, Tilly had made her mark as being a wee hun (as in honey, pet name and no relation to geography) and wasn’t named after Attila. Oh well, she’ll remain Tilly. The past few weeks have been challenging. After iCalf 2 went against all odds and survived ehid bought of e.coli and meningitis, it was soon apparent not all was well with the wee dude. There were signs of several severe … Continue reading Attila the Hun…