Swine and dine

Having sorted a babysitter for tomorrow for the Mini-Crofter, I will be heading to go collect Wilma, Julia and Marcia (complimentary jar of apple sauce to anyone who guesses the connection/reasoning in their names). These three fine pigs spent their life basking in the sun, wallowing in mud and rooting up grass (and rocks, and weeds). They were placed on an area that has not had pigs before and thus minimises problems such as a build up of worms, etc. They required no medication and enjoyed getting scratched. Now, they are available for all to enjoy, as the more we … Continue reading Swine and dine

The Drain Man

The Crofter has been busy. To improve the rough field he applied for a Crofting grant to put in field drains. After I had been on a land management course the potential of the ‘rough’ field has been envisioned and is a very current goal. Drainage was an issue so having sought advice, the grant was applied for. There use to be clay drains in the past in some parts but they have either been blocked or smashed. After a long, hot, dry summer giving a perfect opportunity to get the work done, the grant finally came through when the … Continue reading The Drain Man

Rolling Stones

Just because the pigs are gone doesn’t mean the work is done. In fact, it has now picked up (literally) in pace. The area given to the pigs was over grown with rushes and hard to access with machinery. When they were wee, the area was a smaller patch, as they dug it up, the area was extended (leave pigs on ground too long and you have problems with soil compaction). Now that they have had five months of rooting, munching, and digging, it’s now time for the stones to be removed and the soil levelled to allow grass seed … Continue reading Rolling Stones

Final Countdown

So long Wilma, Julia, and Marcia. You guys did an excellent job digging up a rush infested, hard to get to with the tractor area. You have enjoyed munching the grass, the rooting, the stone turning, the sun lounging, and now my girls, you are off to your forever home. Which means, we’ll soon be back to having pork on the meat menu. After chatting to the lovely butcher we should have soon: Roasts (shoulders, legs), sized for 4-6 people Sausages (two options: Plain and Honey and Mustard) Burgers (Pork and Apple) Boneless loin steaks Chops Gluten free sausages So, … Continue reading Final Countdown

One man went to mow.

A long, long, time ago (aka June), the process of cutting grass for hay was started. It was a very hot time, great for making hay, not great when you are suffering the consequences of having a Micro-Crofter on board while still having to watch the Mini-Crofter. Yes, there lies the major reason why no blogs have gone up recently. Any chance of sleep had been sought, getting through a day felt like a marathon had been completed and sickness wasn’t helping either. So the Crofter ended up having to mow and bale the hay himself. I did try one … Continue reading One man went to mow.

Silence is golden.

Well, unless you are around children, then it’s usually suspicious. Or, if you read blogs, you wonder if the blogger is still there or have they packed it in and gone else where. Well, the croft has kept ticking since the last post. In fact, there are several things to cover, from making hay in June, dealing with pigs, sorting electric fencing for grass for the cows, to organising the road to paradise for the pigs (they are off soon). So, the next few should fill in for a few blanks, count them as buses, always come in threes. Continue reading Silence is golden.