Rolling Stones

Just because the pigs are gone doesn’t mean the work is done. In fact, it has now picked up (literally) in pace. The area given to the pigs was over grown with rushes and hard to access with machinery. When they were wee, the area was a smaller patch, as they dug it up, the area was extended (leave pigs on ground too long and you have problems with soil compaction). Now that they have had five months of rooting, munching, and digging, it’s now time for the stones to be removed and the soil levelled to allow grass seed … Continue reading Rolling Stones

Final Countdown

So long Wilma, Julia, and Marcia. You guys did an excellent job digging up a rush infested, hard to get to with the tractor area. You have enjoyed munching the grass, the rooting, the stone turning, the sun lounging, and now my girls, you are off to your forever home. Which means, we’ll soon be back to having pork on the meat menu. After chatting to the lovely butcher we should have soon: Roasts (shoulders, legs), sized for 4-6 people Sausages (two options: Plain and Honey and Mustard) Burgers (Pork and Apple) Boneless loin steaks Chops Gluten free sausages So, … Continue reading Final Countdown