Wind the bobbin up

Little did I know that having a Mini Crofter would open up the realms of children’s songs. And therefore, tunes that get stuck in my head while performing tasks. Such as winding in electric wire to allow sheep and steers access to the woods in winter when the time comes to it. Neither are in the field yet but if the weather turns and they need more shelter it will be ready and waiting for them. However, it would appear that the wire had been tampered with by intruders from the hill. Never mind, venison stew for tea tomorrow. Wind … Continue reading Wind the bobbin up

Brown Fridays

The United States has Black Fridays, the UK seems to be taking this on. But on the croft, it could be any day really, but it’s more of a brown. Yes, the cattle handling area needs regular cleaning. So while some spend time spending money on shopping, why not spend time getting to know where your food comes from and the work involved? It’s not all glamour work but even shifting muck that will then rot down to be added to the soil in the vegetable garden can give a better understanding of plant and animal based foods. Welfare of … Continue reading Brown Fridays

Beef up and be herd!

Crofting and having an active Mini Crofter means a lot of time is spent outside. Under the current situation of having a soon to be Micro Crofter, that means feeling puddled in the evenings. Yes, this is when I often turn to news outlets, social media and the like when I’m not looking to engage brain in the next ‘research project’ (ie, what do I want to know about now: sugar levels in grasses, the life of worms, VAT and booking keeping, to more recently quality meat Scotland information). And with that it was not hard to miss the new … Continue reading Beef up and be herd!


How does the Crofting Wifie spend a day with the Crofter while Mini Crofter Free? Take the livestock trailer to Dingwall Mart for the Rare breed sale to go shopping. Not poultry shopping, that’s a walk in, walk out situation at the moment for me (pregnancy can heighten nose sensitivity and for whatever reason for me, the chickens have been an avoid or baulk situation). No, we were looking for sheep. I had been looking into different breeds to see what was suitable for our terroir and environment as well as what might suit as a dual purpose breed (wool … Continue reading Wellymance

On the road again…

Not me, but lorry drivers on the road again. After my last fiasco with receiving animal feed while manning the croft, we decided to be better organised and ensure the next lot was done while the Crofter was home. No fear, he was home for four weeks and we made the order early. Ha, I think there is a reason East Coast Viners is cheaper than Harbro. Our pig food finally arrived…six days after they had told us and four days waiting around for a delivery. At least you can be out doing things, particularly after my last incident when … Continue reading On the road again…

A niche field

No, I’m not talking about a chocolate field or a marmite crop. But an area of agriculture that is pretty specialised-pregnancy in agriculture. Not the cows or ewes pregnancy, the vet can help in that and farmers. crofters, smallholder are all steeped in personal experience in it. But pregnancy related issues for the women who work in agriculture. This returns to two photos from the Spirit of Crofting video that was done for the Scottish Crofting Federation. Both appear fairly normal. Bottle feeding a calf. Correct, but it was late May. Temperatures were well above normal and you won’t be … Continue reading A niche field