A time of giving…

A few days ago I posted a picture on the Birchwood Croft’s Facebook page about putting up our ‘Christmas tree’. It was very similar to the one above. However, being a theatre nurse by trade does mean I have OCD and as said on the post, my shweng-fee had noticed that the original was not symmetrical (reality had been that it started off getting stacked to see if I could keep the driving rain out of the buckets and nothing to do with having seasonal cheer). Today, I decided we needed a more ornamental tree. This was after I tufted … Continue reading A time of giving…

The straw that brought the community folk back

Yes, straw is light. Put it in a bale and you need a wee bit of ‘umph’ behide it. The kind of umph I’m missing while counting down to a labour party with a midwife. So with that came help last weekend to give the cows a bale. Community spirits are alive and well around here and I am thankful for the help I’m being offered. With the help means I can usually avoid all strenuous, heavy and hard tasks. It just means someone else ends up doing it thought. So with that at the weekend, half of the straw … Continue reading The straw that brought the community folk back

Two sides to every sheep.

Since the sheep have been moved next to the house, it makes it easier for watching them. And with that, one was spotted on Sunday with a bad limp. As she was holding it up this Monday I decided I needed to have a wee look. Och fine, it’s just a wee ‘un thankfully (and just one). I can do that. Plan A has been to move the sheep hurdles into the chicken pen and I would then be able to get her contained. However, the sheep looked like they were pretty interested when I appeared so I thought, ‘No … Continue reading Two sides to every sheep.

Hello Mr Rock and Roll

Or maybe more Mr Punk. But either way, the sheep were moved back to the top field where trees abound to give shelter. They decided to set up a spontaneous gathering at the nearest gate while I was supposed to be sorting the cows (spreading out more straw and ensuring they have hay and water). I may have been one field away but when you are aware you are being watched by multiple onlookers, you decide it might be worth heeding their silent pleas and go open a gate. This was after a wee incident in the byre though. See, … Continue reading Hello Mr Rock and Roll