The boys are back in town.

The Micro Crofter’s arrival coincided with the byre getting mucked out. Aromatic whaffs slowly drifted down the glen as the cooler, winter air inhibited some of the more pungent smells that have been laying dormant under a blanket of fresh straw. Never mind, as the muck matures, the heap soon flattens out to provide well rotted manure; a high value substance for the polytunnel, raised beds, orchard and veg garden. It was soon after this that we hit a hiatus with croft work. A typical Friday but the Micro Crofter at two weeks old was doing a good impersonation of … Continue reading The boys are back in town.

We’re going to…America?

No, we’re not. But Neil Diamond’s song is a corker for belting out if you change ‘America’ to ‘abattoir’. Yep, have three sheep in your trailer, a two week old in the back, driving along, singing along. Music is apparently good for babies. You then can go to your next song from the Lion King that also is a great abattoir song. Yes son, let me introduce to you the Circle of Life thing from an early age (which, may I remind some of you is Disney/Elton John, the land of princesses and less of the real life). Due to … Continue reading We’re going to…America?

Get the party started.

The last post up was a wee while ago. Not much has really happened, other than the Micro Crofter finally joined the party last month, several days after the last post. So there’s my excuse for a pregnant pause in posts. Lousy if you want excuses, no ‘the dog hit the control/alt/delete buttons on my computer and forced WordPress to quit’ or ‘the gale force winds caused a power surge so lost 16 unpublished posts that I had spent hours composing’. No, just an arrival of an 3kg plus bundle and suddenly I become a ‘sit on bum wifie powered … Continue reading Get the party started.