Wake me up when September ends.

It’s not me that needs woken up when September ends, but my writing. I have been working, honest, I’m now just a month behind, so I’m on par with the overdue library books I recently discovered. So, a few episodes ago; way back at the beginning of September, the Crofter returned home after a 32 day stint away. Believe me, I hit the wall on day 28. The last four days are killers. I often feel that I could do with a week off to recover. However, the to do list would get even longer and the time shorter. And … Continue reading Wake me up when September ends.

Back to Black

Thankfully, our usual delivery drivers around here know me… “Have a parcel for you”, while overlooking the gate. ‘Fab, can you just stick it inside the pickup?’, head under cow trying to milk her out after she refuses to let her calf on. “Hmm, are you happy for me to sign it for you? You look a bit busy.” ‘Certainly’ (head voice: I really don’t think your next delivery will be ecstatic to handle a signature machine covered in cow manure and udder cream). For yes, two boys were securely plonked in car seats (they say boredom is the best … Continue reading Back to Black