Folsom Prison Blues and The Crofter

No, he didn’t commit murder (for those who know the lyrics, this will be clear as day). He’s just been put in quarantine before going off shore. Yes, that’s right. Some think it’s lockdown when they can stay at home getting things done and still go shopping. Compare that to your food getting delivered to your door (ready made, picture a dogs dinner rather than a dinner for the gods). You are in a self contained unit but one that isn’t yours. No books, no projects, no garden, no paperwork, no receipts to file, no nothing. Yes, to him I’m … Continue reading Folsom Prison Blues and The Crofter

Johnny Cash and the Ode to the laundry basket

If Jonny Cash had been in charge of the washing machine, the lyrics may well have been slightly different… I keep a close watch on these clothes of mine. I wish for all the weather to be fine. I bring the washing in after every dine Because of grime, I walk that line. I find it very, very easy to slip behind. I find myself pegging out socks of every kind. Yes, I’ll admit, it’s one of life’s daily grinds Because of grime, I walk that line. You’re got a way to keep me on my toes Some times, I … Continue reading Johnny Cash and the Ode to the laundry basket

Blood, sweat and steers

The past few months have been bizarre. As we watched major lockdowns in China, we got firsthand info about what it was like. Yes, my sister-in-law is a teacher in China. The #teachfromabeach was used as she did online teaching while still at her holiday hotel when the clampdown happened. The effect on manufacturing, stock markets and whatever else soon became apparent. For when the stock markets crashed, so too did the oil prices. And that is where we fit in. See, as the Crofter works off shore (yes, the stock broker joke has an element of truth). He works … Continue reading Blood, sweat and steers

Motherhood and the Sound of Music

If the people behind the lyrics of The Sound of Music had been mothers… Tablets on counters and matches in reach, Bright highlighter pens and cupboards with bleach. Baler twine knotted to make up some swings, These are just a few of my toddler’s things. Cream coloured carpets and crisp packets upended, Shampoo and bath gels, And Radox cartels, All emptied down pipes along with some rings, These are just a few of my toddler’s things. Sharp blades on scissors and blood gushing hither, Nursery to rush for and no time to dither. Missing in action and thinks he has … Continue reading Motherhood and the Sound of Music

Social media distancing

On Facebook at the moment, there are a variety of posts with no photo, but that makes me take note. Ooh, what’s this? They want to engage with others. Sounds great. They want a comment of something that connects the two of you. Interesting, I’ll think on this. I keep reading. They then have the line of ‘comment, copy and paste on your timeline’. Fat chance. It’s not their words, it’s just copied. So to all of my friends on Facebook: I do read your posts, would love to join in but as soon as I see ‘copy and paste’, … Continue reading Social media distancing

Being a stock broker

A literal stock broker though. And with the more stock a farmer has, the broker they are. Although, things just swung a little differently this past week with suddenly meat coming back on people’s menus and being in high demand. Not as high as bog roll or plain flour, but hey, what a change in people’s spending habits. The situation is this. We currently have no beef at the moment, we sold out about a week before the panic buying habits took off. About a month ago we had started making plans for the next steer going to his byre … Continue reading Being a stock broker

Keep calm and carry on

There may be Coronavirus out there, but on the croft, the seasons continue and we carry on. And one of these events is, the farewell of a steer. Yes, all of the last beast has now sold out. But, that does not mean an end; the first part of the process has been started for the next, the butcher is booked. So, watch here or on Facebook for further news (and hopefully, the Covid-19 will not cause a delay) to filling the freezer. Continue reading Keep calm and carry on