Social media distancing

On Facebook at the moment, there are a variety of posts with no photo, but that makes me take note. Ooh, what’s this? They want to engage with others. Sounds great. They want a comment of something that connects the two of you. Interesting, I’ll think on this. I keep reading. They then have the line of ‘comment, copy and paste on your timeline’. Fat chance. It’s not their words, it’s just copied. So to all of my friends on Facebook: I do read your posts, would love to join in but as soon as I see ‘copy and paste’, … Continue reading Social media distancing

Being a stock broker

A literal stock broker though. And with the more stock a farmer has, the broker they are. Although, things just swung a little differently this past week with suddenly meat coming back on people’s menus and being in high demand. Not as high as bog roll or plain flour, but hey, what a change in people’s spending habits. The situation is this. We currently have no beef at the moment, we sold out about a week before the panic buying habits took off. About a month ago we had started making plans for the next steer going to his byre … Continue reading Being a stock broker