A stone’s throw away.

So the far side was recently ploughed. The far side (not the comic), is also referred to as the rough field. The hint is in the name. But what’s in a name? For it is less so now. OK, it’s not a lush green meadow with oddles of new grass, wild flowers and pretty butterflies dancing in the sunlight. But, it was a field of thick, deep rushes; old, open drains, buried fences, and a rough, and muddy road going through it. Initially, the flail mower was taken to it. And repeated repeatedly as the reeds lost their strength and … Continue reading A stone’s throw away.

You’re a milk machine…

‘Honey, honey…’ ahh, ABBA. They have quite a few songs adaptable to the crofting lifestyle. But this one cuts the mustard for Dryope (she is a cow before you ask and no we didn’t name her). Just need to change the lyrics from ‘love’ to ‘milk’ and it fits the bill. The dizzy thing in the song? Aye, have that too, thats’s just from standing back up again after trying to get the machine on her. And not only that, bending down low next to a cow takes a wee bit of courage, particularly if they show signs of wanting … Continue reading You’re a milk machine…

The 7” Shingles by The Unusable North

I’ve got the 7” shingles, the wrong lying outcome The 12 pile broken mix Just put them in the wheelbarrow, grab yourself a mallet See what we can smash up I want some slate scree and revamp, a dodgy little section With a merry wee wish and bang From slates for the roof to chippings galore But still, the whole ones left over for sure. Swing a mean machine Want rid of the moss We were bent down, hands down, little bit of sit down Giving it a good wallop across All the punters will say And you’d be join … Continue reading The 7” Shingles by The Unusable North


If Petula Clark had sung during the coronavrus… When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, You can always go downstairs. When your fridge is a teaser, all the food in the freezer Seems to help, I know, downstairs Just listen to the WhatsApp of the friends in other cities Linger on the iMac where the zoom call chats are witty When can you booze? The lights are much brighter there You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, So go downstairs Things will be great when you’re downstairs No finer sofa for sure, downstairs… She obviously … Continue reading Downtown…

As you like it.

The Crofter is home again. He got back having only been gone for five weeks. As he checked the orchard and polytunnel I was able to confirm: I had not needed the knacker man, no plants had died in his absence (to my knowledge), we had had no hospital admittance, no vet call outs and no calves. Not bad going, if I do say so myself. Ok, I had had to get assistance with the plumbing, a pig had gone on the run, I had brushcut a field, we got the full paramedic experience, and oh, I had had a … Continue reading As you like it.

The Pirates of Per Chance.

Meet the three wee pigs. Who, after their arrival (ie, one day to collect, three days distracted with plumbing) decided to put on a show in line with Gilbert and Sullivan’s Penzance production. Scene one, act one began as they were given access to explore their new surroundings. The electric fence was soon tested but they showed their savviness. I breathed out a sign of relief, and with that, a sudden sprint ensued, a synchronised limbo dance move and all three went straight under the bottom wire and off they trotted. Yes, off they frolic in their new sense of … Continue reading The Pirates of Per Chance.

500 miles

Ahh, lockdown. The time to sit back, get the spring cleaning done and spend some quality time with the kids. Aye, but no good story starts with the spring cleaning. Things had started off ok and were going tickety-boo until soon after I’d written the Rock Chick post. Then someone (not me, I hasten to add) decided to ramp up the tempo and figured I was ready for the next level up and needed a new challenge (all terms useful for zoom chats with all normal urban souls but maybe more applied to Scrabble than scrambling about like mad). The … Continue reading 500 miles