Field to Fork

All our meat is reared on the croft in Strathnairn with the main produce being beef. Our Shetland herd are grass and hay fed with occasional treats from a bucket to ensure good handling and minimise stress.

Shetland cattle are a rare, native breed that are slower growing than some other breeds but they are lighter under foot and are good at making use of our land that would have minimal use otherwise. We usually send them off around the 30 month mark which can take patience but well worth the wait for the flavour.

As they are from our fields to your fork, feel free to ask any questions about our livestock, the meat itself, or if you would like any inspiration for cooking, it’s a great conversation topic.

We are a member of the Quality Meat Scotland Assurance Scheme ( to ensure high welfare standards for our livestock and which gives our customers quality meat on their table. We are also an official Scottish Crofting Producer (


Six week hung Topside Roast (£18/kg) 1.334kg (This is from our steer that went away in the Spring so he was under 30 months).

Burgers £8/pack of four (these burgers are more akin to the 8oz size, they are big!)

Sausages £5/pack (average 400-430g per bag, approx 9 per bag)

NB., The burgers and sausages come from one of our older beasts. Flavour and texture is pretty much the same as our steers (we often check several cuts to ensure the quality is what we expect). It was butchered at Cairngorm Butchers in Grantown.

Our next steer (Ian) is now away chilling (literally) with Macbeth’s butchers in Forres where he will be hung before crafted into delicious cuts. If you would like to put in a provisional booking for Ian (particularly if there are any particular cuts/sizes you require), please get in touch so I can keep it aside when we send a cutting list to the butchers. He is due back to us roughly the first week of November 2020 as he will be hung for six weeks.


Our three Tamworth pigs are now back! They were outdoor reared to allow natural foraging and digging. This helps give them so much more flavour than supermarket pork. They were butchered at Cairngorm Butchers in Grantown by Barry and his team.

Rolled Leg Roasts £10/kg (sizes from 898g to 2.926kg)

Leg Roasts (with bone) £10/kg (2.140-2.902kg sizes available)

Chop Roasts (with bone) £12/kg (1.556-1.986kg sizes available)

Rolled Shoulder/Pulled Pork Roasts £10/kg (sizes average 1.65kg)

Rolled shoulder Roasts £10/kg (sizes 1.1-1.9kg)

Loin Roasts £12/kg (732g-1.1kg sizes available) Although cooked as a roast, these loin roast have got the flavour and sizing to match chops but with the fat layer to give a good crackling. This cut is more on the smaller size to suit meals for 2-4 people.

Sausages £6/pack. Three flavours available:

* Plain

*Honey and Mustard

*Red onion and Sage

Pork and Apple Burgers (4 burgers per pack) £5/pack

Spare ribs £8/kg (370g, 374g sized packets available)

Pork Belly £8/kg

Trotters £1 each

Pork cheeks Sold out

Boneless chops Sold out

Pork Fillet Sold out

Diced pork Sold out

Hogget    (18 -24 month old sheep)  

We currently have one whole leg (it is massive!!). Please ask if interested.


End of season sale £2/jar (new season, £4/jar)

Onion Marmalade Coming soon, watch this space for this season’s.

Crofter’s Chutney (add a dollop to some oatcakes and cheese) 2020 season.

Crofter’s Relish (perfect with the beef burgers on a roll). Both last season and this season available

Redcurrant Jelly (try with roasts or added to sauces in stews). 2020 season

If interested and would like to purchase any meat please get in touch via the contact page, Facebook or mobile.

If you would like any recommendations or ideas, feel free to drop me a line. I am no expert but having dealt with all the different cuts there are a few tips I wish I had known!

Payment can be cash or bank transfer. If making a bank transfer please make payable to:

E Rose

Sort Code 83-19-19

Account No. 10036820

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