Field to Fork


All our meat is reared on our croft in Strathnairn. Our main produce is beef. Our herd are grass and hay fed with occasional treats from a bucket to ensure handling and minimise stress. Shetland cattle are a rare, native breed that are slower growing than some other breeds but they are lighter under foot and are good at making use of our land that would have minimal use otherwise. We send them off around the 30 month mark which can take patience but well worth the wait for the flavour. As they are from our field to your fork, feel free to ask any questions about the meat or if you would like any inspiration for cooking, it’s a great conversation topic.



All our beef is frozen and vacuum packed. It has been hung for at least 21 days.  


(Individually packed, so no worries about even number of steaks and odd number of people at your table, just ask for how many steaks you need)

Sirloin £25/kg (Only one remaining: 245g)

Rump: £22/kg

Fillet £35/kg Sold out

Ribeye £30/kg Sold out

Fillet tails: £22/kg Sold out



Forerib £22/kg Sold out

Topside £17/kg (Two remaining: 1.185kg, 1.29kg)

Silverside £16/kg (Three remaining: 1.25, 1.275, 1.475kg)

Brisket £12/kg (Only one remaining: 955g)


Mince £10/kg (approx. 500g packets available)

Diced £12/kg (1kg and 500g available)

Shoulder steak £12/kg (Only one remaining: 390g)

Burgers £10/kg (four in a pack)

Beef Sausages £8/kg (approx. 300-400g, usually 8 per packet)

Beef Olives (four in a pack) £14/kg Sold Out


These pigs were Gloucester Old Spot cross Saddleback pigs (so not pedigree). However, both are traditional breeds which means slowing growing and they were allowed space to root, dig and sunbathe in the great outdoors while having a place to shelter from the elements and cosy up. Land management for pigs meant that they are placed on an area that has not housed pigs for at least four years. The area they are given is expanded as they root, so that they always have fresh vegetation to forage on. The meat itself is very versatile but if you are looking for any inspiration we have got recipes and tips for cooking. 

Leg roast (with bone) £9/kg

Shoulder roast (no bone) 9/kg Sold Out

Shoulder (pulled pork variety, fat removed) £9/kg

Chops (with bone) £9/kg

Steaks £9/kg

Belly £7/kg

Cheeks £7/kg

Pork & Apple Burgers (4/packet) £7/kg Sold out

Sausages (average 330g/packet; 6 sausages/packet)

Honey & Mustard £7/kg Sold out

Gluten Free £7/kg Sold out

Plain £7/kg  Sold out

Hogget    (18 -24 month old lamb)  

If you would like any hogget please get in touch as we send them away as and when required. Can offer individual cuts (e.g., leg or shoulder roasts, flank, diced, etc), half a hogget and whole hogget boxes. We have several different breeds (including Blackface, Shetland, and Jacob) which do vary in size so if you have a particular preference, you can always come and choose your own. 


We currently have no hens or ducks. However, several neighbours have got hens that we can redirect you to if you wish to get out door living hens’ eggs. 

If interested and would like to purchase any meat please get in touch via the contact page.


Payment can be cash or bank transfer. If making a bank transfer please make payable to: E Rose, Sort Code 83-19-19, Account No. 10036820.

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