Field to Fork


All our meats are reared on our croft in Strathnairn. Current meat available is beef, pork and hogget.


These pigs were Gloucester Old Spot cross Saddleback pigs (so not pedigree). However, being traditional breeds means slowing growing and they were allowed space to root, dig and sunbath in the great outdoors while having a place to shelter from the elements and cosy up. Land management for pigs means that they are placed onto an area that has not housed pigs for at least four years. The area they are given is expanded as they root, so that they always have fresh vegetation to forage on.

Leg roast (with bone) £9/kg

Shoulder roast (no bone) 9/kg

Shoulder (pulled pork variety, fat removed) £9/kg

Chops (with bone) £9/kg

Steaks £9/kg

Belly £7/kg

Cheeks £7/kg

Pork & Apple Burgers (4/packet) £7/kg

Sausages (average 330g/packet; 6 sausages/packet)

Honey & Mustard £7/kg

Gluten Free £7/kg

Plain £7/kg  Sold out

Shetland Beef

Our beef comes from our own herd of grass (and hay) fed Shetland cattle. Being a slow growing native breed, our cattle take a little longer to reach slaughter age (30 months instead of the 18-20 that most breeds take). This requires patience on our part but we think it is well worth the wait for flavour.

Most of the beef (apart from fore rib roasts, sausages and burgers) are vacuum packed, all are frozen.


Fillet steak £35/kg

Ribeye Steak £30/kg (only two packets remaining)

Sirloin Steak  £20/kg

Rump Steak   £18/kg

Braising/Round Steak  £11/kg Sold out


Brisket  (£11/kg): sizes available: 1.770kg, 1.820kg, and 2.048kg

Fore Rib (£22/kg) Sold out

Silverside Sold out

Topside (£15/kg)   Sold out

Pot roasting Sold out

Other cuts:

Lorne sausages (4/pkt) £8/kg

Mince (£8/kg) Sold out

Burgers (sold out

Diced (available in 500g & 1kg packets) £9/kg Sold out

NB: The weight listed above for certain cuts can vary (not a huge amount but please don’t think the butcher gets every bag to match 500g exactly (such as supermarket packets). Each bag is weighted so that you are only charged for the meat you get.

Hogget    (18 -24 month old lamb)   

Please ask for more information.


We currently have no hens or ducks. However, several neighbours have got hens that we can redirect you to if you wish to get out door living hens’ eggs. 

If interested and would like to purchase any meat please get in touch via the contact page.

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