Produce: From Field to Fork

All our meat is reared on the croft in Strathnairn (Inverness-shire) with the main produce being beef. Our Shetland herd are grass and hay fed with occasional treats from a bucket to ensure good handling and to minimise their stress when we need to work with them.

Shetland cattle are a rare, native breed that are slower growing than some other breeds but they are lighter under foot and are good at making use of our land that would have minimal use otherwise. We usually send them off around the 30 month mark which can take patience but well worth the wait for the flavour.

As they are from our fields to your fork, feel free to ask any questions about our livestock, the meat itself, or if you would like any inspiration for cooking, it’s a great conversation topic.

We are a member of the Quality Meat Scotland Assurance Scheme to ensure high welfare standards for our livestock and which gives our customers quality meat on their table.

We are also an official Scottish Crofting Producer.


Hand crafted by the team at Macbeth’s, Forres. All cuts are frozen, most are vacuum packed.

Beef Steaks:

  • Rump (£20/kg) Most two steaks per pack, we do have a couple of single steak packs (Limited supply remaining, please check availability).
  • Minute (£19/kg) Average 250g per pack (these are great for adding to stir-fries or fajitas, quick to cook, simply cut into strips before popping in a pan)

Beef Sausages:

New! We now have several different flavours and styles! We now can offer the family pack size (usually 8-10 sausages), jumbo sausages (perfect for the BBQ) as well as some packs of loose sausage meat (perfect for making sausage lattice pie). All three flavours contain gluten; the new flavours are:  
  • Beef and garlic
  • Cajun
  • Original beef (only a few family packs remaining, not available in jumbo).

Jumbo sausages: £3.70/pack of two (minimum weight 350g)

Family pack: £6/pack (minimum weight 500g)

Loose sausage (original) meat: £6/pack (minimum weight 500g)

Other Beef Cuts:

Diced (£13/kg) Average 500-530g per pack, each pack individually priced per weight.

Burgers (£6/pack) Four burgers per pack (contains gluten, minimum weight 680g)

Although our currant beef stocks are now low, we will shortly be getting our latest two back. The cuttings of these should include some seasonal favourites, so for those that like to stock up on some special treats for Christmas, watch this space or get in touch to go on a waiting list.


Handcrafted cuts by the butchers at Macbeth’s, Forres. These pigs were outdoor reared where the ground area was gradually increased to allow them to have fresh forage to root around with.

Leg (gigot) roasts £10/kg (from 1kg to 2.1kg sizes). These are great for doing pulled pork.

Rolled Shoulder roasts £10/kg (from 1kg to 1.4kg sizes)

Belly (boneless) £8/kg (from 580g to 770g sizes)

Pork Steaks £12/kg (two per pack, average 620g per pack)

Pork Chops £11/kg (two per pack, average 620g per pack) Only three packs remaining

Sausages £6/pack

Trotters £2/pack of two (great for making pork pies).

Loin Sold out

Spare ribs Sold out

Fillet Sold out


We have some 2020 jars (approx 190g jars, best before December 2021) and we have got some 2021 jars from this season.

Crofter’s Chutney 2020 & 2021 available (add a dollop to some oatcakes and cheese)

Drover’s Relish 2020 & 2021 available (perfect with burgers).

Merry Chutney (contains gluten). Great with sourdough bread and Connage chedder.

Onion Marmalade 2021 Just been made, delicious with lots of cold meats and cheeses.

Redcurrant Jelly 2020 (try with roasts, added to sauces in stews, or to certain cheeses from a cheese board).

Stalker’s Jelly 2020 (A redcurrant jelly with thyme: perfect with venison or goose).


Please note we currently have no eggs available for sale.


Seen something you want but not sure on the exact pricing or what size you need? Let me know either what size you are after or for how many people and we can calculate it for you so that you can then decide.

Looking for any recommendations, ideas, or unsure about cooking particular cuts? There are a couple of faux pas that are good to know about when cooking meat. It can be very easy to judge a cut because of how it has been cooked. Regarding beef; it is often good to take the hot and fast approach or the slow and low option.

For any of the above questions, something else you are unsure of, or if you would like to purchase any produce, please get in touch via Facebook, mobile or the contact page (please enter either your email address or phone number so I can respond to your lovely comments).


Payment can be cash or bank transfer. If making a bank transfer please make payable to:

E. Rose

Sort Code 83-19-19

Account No. 10036820

7 thoughts on “Produce: From Field to Fork

  1. Just got the sausages. Tried the plain pork ones today. Best ever. I had stopped buying them. Will definitely order again. Thank you.


  2. I dont have facebook or any other form of communication save email and mobile phone but I am interested in buying your produce – I walked by your croft the other day when your Dad came out for a blether and let me know about the food you produce and the name of your Croft – hence this communication. I cannot find any other way of communicating with you from your website.


    1. Hello Susan, thanks for getting in touch, my number is 07791981844 if that helps for calling or texting. Or if you fill in the form on the contact page, you can enter your name, email or phone number if you rather I called you (or emailed). Or, pop by, we’re usually in 😊


  3. Had a bone-in Beef Rib Roast – absolutely FABULOUS – plenty of meat, super tasty and absolutely demolished by everyone not a scrap left. Would highly recommend.


  4. Hi Beth
    It’s Lai at Brin. We would be interested in getting half a pig (which we can butcher)??
    Would this be possible (if not now, but in the future)?


    1. Hi Lao, lovely to hear from you. Our latest pigs have all been butchered so are all individually priced. We are looking at getting weaners again in the spring but will need to go look up the practicality of this and get back to you. My number is on Birchwood Croft Facebook page if you want to get in touch and chat more about it. Thanks 😊


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