Field to Fork

All our meat is reared on our croft in Strathnairn. Our main produce is beef. Our herd are grass and hay fed with occasional treats from a bucket to ensure handling and minimise stress.

Shetland cattle are a rare, native breed that are slower growing than some other breeds but they are lighter under foot and are good at making use of our land that would have minimal use otherwise. We usually send them off around the 30 month mark which can take patience but well worth the wait for the flavour.

As they are from our field to your fork, feel free to ask any questions about our livestock, the meat itself, or if you would like any inspiration for cooking, it’s a great conversation topic.

We are a member of the Quality Meat Scotland Assurance Scheme ( to ensure high welfare standards and practice give our customers quality meat on their table. We are also an official Scottish Crofting Producer (



Forerib (25/kg) One available 2.002kg (£50.05) Sold out

Topside (£18/kg) Various sizes available between 1.052 (£18.93) to 1.334kg (£24.01)

Silverside (£17/kg) One available: 1.242kg (£21.11)

Brisket (£12/kg) Sold out


Fillet (£40/kg) Sold out

Ribeye (£30/kg) Sold out

Sirloin (£30/kg) Sold out

Fillet Tails (£25/kg) One pack remaining: 124g (£3.10)

Rump (£20/kg) Sold out

Other cuts:

Diced (£12/kg) approx. 500g bags, priced individually Sold out

Mince 500g (£6)

Burgers 6oz, 4 per pack (£6) Sold out

Gluten Free Burgers 6oz, 4 per pack (£6) One pack remaining

Sausages, usually 8 per pack (£6)

Gluten Free Sausages, usually 8 per pack (£6)

NB., We are currently arranging about getting the next beast sent off so that it will be ready in the freezer end of June 2020. This will be an older beast so will be more for roasts, diced, mince, etc. The next steer will be going away in the autumn sometime just before he hits the 30 month mark. Info about both of these will be on our Facebook page as well.


Coming Autumn 2020!

We currently have three Tamworth’s out in the field (aka Harry, Theo, and Alan). They will stay with us until the autumn (our winters can be harsh); digging up bits of ground and being given access to fresh forage regularly as they root (to ensure the soil isn’t damaged and they get a range of nutrients). So this is no ‘fast food’ order, but has a whole lot more flavour than most supermarket pork.

Hogget    (18 -24 month old sheep)  

Leg roasts £10/kg

Rolled shoulder £9/kg

Neck £4 each

Shanks £2/each

Chops (packs of four) £8/kg

Flank £5/kg (great for stews and soups).


Preserves £3/jar

Onion Marmalade

Crofter’s Chutney

Courgette Relish

If interested and would like to purchase any meat please get in touch via the contact page, Facebook or mobile.

If you would like any recommendations or ideas, feel free to drop me a line. I am no expert but having dealt with all the different cuts there are a few tips I wish I had known!

Payment can be cash or bank transfer. If making a bank transfer please make payable to:

E Rose,

Sort Code 83-19-19,

Account No. 10036820.

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