Dear Sled makers,

IMG_0769.jpgDear Sled makers,

It would be most kind if you could look at making some slight tweaks to your design.

These include:
Cattle energy buckets are wider than most children. However, adults also use sleds so don’t think that this change will only suit pregnant poachers taking nuts to their cows.

The length of the sled would be good to be about 2 inches longer so the small bale for the calf creep wouldn’t fall out so much.

Otherwise I am most thankful for the cheap and cheerful sled.
Kind regards.

The Crofting Wifie
P.S. Dear Calf Creep feeder builder, could you not build it a bit taller to avoid Crofter Wifie getting heartburn while filling it up?

P.P.S. I am out of the 2 foot deep bog field of over eager cows alive.

Obituary to the bull…



Well Aaron, you were lovely.

Your rump is delicious. Having provided us with 3 heifers last year, 4 on the way now, you were also able to do ‘holidays’ to Farr and Rogart, fortunate boy. You are now available to others to be enjoyed and shared, individual cuts/sizes/prices to follow, if interested let me know.

Happy steak dreams one and all.